• Learn how to order Medical Cannabis Online in the UK


    Harm reduction in action

    What if you could get your hands on some of the best weed on the market, with a wide variety of strains available at affordable prices?


    In the UK, it has been some years since Medicine Man began operating, and they provide precisely such a delivery service.


    They even offer shipping to other EU countries as well as the UK, including France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and so on.


    This is the end of your search for top-notch cannabis. You can now confidently buy it online.


    Cannabis Delivery That Works


    You can think of Medicine Man as an internet dispensary, as they are just that. In fact, they store and secure their cannabis buds in the same manner as marijuana retailers in the United States of America.


    Additionally, the products includes batch dates.


    High-end cannabis strains, often incorporating concentrates, are available for purchase on a well-known and straightforward e-commerce website.


    They solely sell cannabis, and even during the recent Covid-19 lockout, were able to provide a limited service.


    More than 50 different strains are available for purchase when these guys are completely full. Several cannabis cup winners are frequently included. Various hashes and pre-rolls are also for sale.


    Depending on the variety, prices start at about £200 per ounce.


    If you're still unsure, sign up and have a good read of their forum and check out the talk there to see some of their satisfied clients.


    They have a number of delivery cycles per week, so you can rely on them to provide quick and expert service.


    Medicine Man accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XMR in addition to Bitcoin.


    Once you have your crypto coins (purchase them from Coinbase, Paxful), you can have your weed delivered to your door in just a few days by following these instructions.


    Link to Paxful: https://anon.to/DdHqDX

    Link to Coinbase https://anon.to/HSUpdc


    Send Bitcoins to a private wallet on your computer or phone.


    Install the Bitcoin wallet of your choosing on your computer by downloading it.


    Electrum, a third-party app for Android, can be used to perform this task on your phone or computer.


    While Mycellium works fine on iPhones or Android, you may find process is easier on a desktop computer. Mobile works fine though.


    Send your new Bitcoins to your own wallet so they're ready to use. To be able to follow along with the rest of these instructions, you must first complete this step first.


    Download and install the Tor Browser


    Just go to Tor and download the Tor browser that is suitable for your operating system, This will allow you to view encrypted websites without leaving traces of your visit.




    Tor can be installed on Android and well as desktop systems. For iPhone you can check out the Onion Browser.




    Change the security settings on Tor to maximum. You can find this in the preferences. You don’t need to have javascript enabled to use Medicine Man.


    Now, you must have installed Tor to do this.


    Create your account on Medicine Man:

    Open the following link using the Tor browser.
    Signup is a very quick 2 minute process, just choose a user name and password and complete the simple arithmetic captchas. No need to use your email.


    Now just follow the process to load up your Medicine Man wallet (under account > my wallet) and you can place your order just like normal online shopping.


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